An excuse used by the LGBTQ+ community to be entitled little shits. They think the entire world revolves around them and will make your life miserable if you disagree with their delusions.
Trans rights, more like grooming rights. Your children are not my children.
by Hopoff Myedik Lilbro August 11, 2023
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Trans rights are human rights that allow a person to use self-identification to be accepted as any gender identity of their choosing, where gender identity refers to man, woman, genderqueer, neutrois, or any other exogender.

At large, this means that any person of any biological gender has the right to identify as any gender identity that is legally recognized, which is typically male or female, as There Are Only Two Genders recognized in the legal system.
Person 1: this lady has a beard, has sex with women, and calls herself a lesbian. Are you sure she isn't a guy?
Person 2: Stop gatekeeping womanhood, you transphobic bigoted TERF!
Person 3: yeah Person 1, she's a trans woman, trans women are women, and trans rights are human rights!
by Zhuinden August 9, 2020
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trans rights are human rights and honestly if you dont believe that get out. they cant control it and its not something you just choose thank you good night.
" wow trans people are nasty. "
" do you want human rights?"
"then support trans rights. shut the fuck up."
by the sidekick for a ruler October 18, 2019
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a fancy term used by trans people and pretty much the rest of the lgbtq+ to respect trans people which means "human rights" because trans rights are human rights (though there are some people who aren't in the lgbtq+ and are straight who also use it to show respect which is what I do and what you should do too so you don't become a greasy redditor who jacks off to nazi phonk edits)

trans rights are basically everywhere you look on the internet as throughout the years lgbtq+ has become more accepted (atleast on the internet)

now while I'm not trans or anything like that I'm alright with trans people and I think pretty much everyone should do that because at the end of the day all humans die eventually so what's there to really lose

and also it's what we in the biz call "common sense"
guy number one:yo mate what do you think of trans rights
guy number two:ay mate trans rights all the way
guy number three (nobody likes this one):fuck off you gay runts
guy one and two:I'm going to fucking toss your dick and balls in a paper shredder you dilapitated bean
by gman gaming July 15, 2022
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