Most people think they have free speech, but they don't.
by Moose September 24, 2003
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An American right, mentioned in the U.S Constitution in the first amendment,that prevents congress from prohibiting the freedom of speech, or of the press;as well as several other rights.
by Gerald July 13, 2006
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An american right, to be able to say anything our hearts tell us to say.
If a person say's something someone else does not like they WILL NOT be persicuted for it.
If you Don't like what I say or write, don't listen to me or read my writings then you will not be offened by it.
by Jim Geddes October 21, 2004
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Something that does not exist on the internet. All internet postings are at the sole discetion of the owner, regardless of the location of the server or person.
free speech is a joke anyway.
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 9, 2004
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Bush opposes Free Speech because he hold anyone who speaks against him as an "enemy cpombatant".
by Defender of the Internet July 22, 2003
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The reason why that mostly 95% of the internet community are retarded, could barely type coherantly, or submit poor or completely irrelevant definitions to, thus transforming this site into a rudimentary flamefest.
When I typed in the definition of "gay" in the search box, I found results submitted by forum geeks defining the newest "n00b" who posted something in their "l33t" forum. Free speech on the web has gone too far!
by Chang Tan February 13, 2004
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