Abbreviation of transfeminine.
People who are assigned male at birth, but who identify more with femininity than with masculinity. The term can among others include trans women, non-binary people and genderfluid people. The term is particularly used by people who are not sure yet in which of these categories they fall.
The opposite is transmasculine or transmasc.
I don't know if I would consider myself a trans woman, but I'm definitely transfem.

I would recommend watching make-up tutorials from other transfem people. Tutorials from cis girls are often already too advanced for absolute beginners.
by birthofalotus July 29, 2020
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Person 1: I am coming out as transfem.
Person 2: i support u lol
by ThatFemaleAroace September 5, 2022
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bitches who program in striped thighhighs
"Hey, did you hear that girl's transfem? we should consider her for our web development team, she'd be great"
by Aberrant Curse November 29, 2021
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transfem berdly is a transfem tik toker that comments "transfem berdly" everywhere
"i'm transfem berdly" "omg it's transfem berdly"
by lavas_cvm January 16, 2022
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Fuck a Transfem Day occurs every 6th of September.
"I can't wait to celebrate Fuck a Transfem Day with my trans girlfriend!"
"Me too! Girlcock is the best"
by oiled_up_astolfo July 21, 2022
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