Transgenderism is a somewhat dated word meaning "being transgender," which has been misappropriated by transphobic pundits and spoken about as though it were an ideology. This latter use is a shibboleth for members of the far right and trans-exclusionary radical feminists (if there is still any difference between the two).
1. There is nothing wrong with transgenderism; the problems are caused by transphobia.
2. I don't subscribe to the ideology of transgenderism, therefore I don't have to care about the violence transgender people encounter.
by Attila the Hon October 31, 2016
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A concise word for referring to anything and everything within and behind the state, experience, theory, ideology, perspective, premise, perspective, belief, philosophy, etc, of that which is, was, or can be "transgender".

It is simply the corollary of words like "homosexuality", "gayness", "lesbianism", or "bisexuality".

The word itself has no positive or negative implication. Anyone who tells you that it does, is an overreactive activist.
I'm so tired of arguments online over transgenderism.
by jouissancepastance August 28, 2018
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A term people who don't know anything about transgender people use to define transgender people.
The religious group Deeply Closeted Christians of America referred to transgenderism as the greatest threat to their moral superiority.
by 3rdman September 15, 2017
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Prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a transgender individual.

Words with the suffix -ism typically portray an ideology, why not change a word used for hate speech to a word used like racism and sexism?
All that transgenderism in the media lately is just propaganda!
by miah8175 September 20, 2023
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The phenomenon of transgender people often only being interested in other trans people, or being a trans chaser while also being trans; also referred to as T4T
I find myself being for T4T every day; the labor of constantly educating every cis person I get involved with has really pushed me into transgenderism. Never fucking with another cissy. Other trans people are hotter anyway.
by zealasquigs June 7, 2023
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a colloquialism for gender re-assignment surgery
Guanita was transgenderized Friday morning at Vulveeta Memorial Hospital.
by AlainLuc May 8, 2009
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