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A Julia is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. She’s so kind and understanding. While she may be quiet And reserved, she is so funny in her own way. She’s so clever and beautiful, and will ALWAYS be there for you no matter what. She can be a bit over-trusting and this can be a disadvantage for her. She may sometimes be so involved in the wellness of others that she forgets to take care of herself; this is her fatal flaw.

She loves to do all kinds of sports like volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, and even swimming. She’s got so much energy and such a great heart that she attracts so many people to be her friend. She’s very loyal to a small group of friends, 3 people or so, and they’re just like sisters. They’ve been through everything together and will continue to do just that.

She’s so smart and academically gifted, regardless of what she may say to be humble. She loves to draw, paint, and sketch on her homework.. this might sometime get her in trouble but the teachers don’t mind her. They know she’s such a sweet, kind, generous, and wonderful person.

Julia’s are typically petite, gentle-looking people with great, big, beautiful eyes. They constantly criticize themselves, but no one else can see the flaws she adamantly insists to be present. She doesn’t have to try and dress up to look good, because she looks go no matter what.
Anyone who is lucky enough to date a Julia doesn’t deserve her.

Person 1: Omg I have to introduce you to Julia!
Person 2: Yess! I’ve heard so many good things about her!
by Junkdrawer March 19, 2019
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A Julia is the most amazing person ever! She will always be there for you when you need her. She tends to have 'blonde moments' but that's why you love her. She might be shy when you first meet her but once you get to know her she is a fun, crazy, loving person. She will make a great girlfriend. A Julia is sweet and drop dead gorgeous!! Like BEAUTIFUL(: She is crazy about one guy. And loves all of her friends. A Julia knows how to cheer someone up when they are sad. She knows all the right things to say. You should always go to a Julia if you need anything! A Julia is usually tall. And is very athletic. All the girls wish they were her. A Julia also has schwaag. And is very smart. A Julia is very fun to be around and will always make you smile(: Even the first time you meet a Julia you will love her. A Julia is just perff in her own way and listens to no one but her self. She knows right from wrong. And is just the definition of AMAZING! Make sure you never lose a Julia, they are a one of a kind(:
Guy 1: Omg that girl over there is gorgeous!
Guy 2: That must be a Julia!
by blah blah blaah. December 09, 2012
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A crazy awesome girl who is an loyal friend. She may be shy around those she doesn't know, but can be crazy around her friends. She may have what we sometimes call 'blonde moments' even if she isn't blonde. Julia gets a little shy around boys she likes, and sometimes isn't the best at flirting, but she knows that someday the perfect guy will come along. Julia also has a sort of deep side she only shares with her closest of friends. She is very forgiving and loves to do fun, crazy things. Julia may not be very athletic, but she loves music and enjoys exploring new places.
Julia is such an amazing friend.
by Peewee478 November 22, 2011
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Julia is one of the nicest, most amazing people you will ever meet. Julia is smart, funny and beautiful. Julia can do whatever she puts her mind to and she is not a quitter, she does not give up easily on anything or anyone. Julia is an amazing friend and she will always be there for you. Julia is a great listener and you can always trust her with anything and have complete faith that whatever you told her will stay in confidence. Julia is an amazing artist and loves to read. She will succeed in life, because she succeeds in everything she does. Julia is completely down to earth and sweet and kind. She is the best friend anybody could ever wish for!
Dude 1: She's amazing...
Dude 2: She's Julia...
by thehost15 September 29, 2011
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Julia is a out-going beautiful brownish black haired girl with a spunky personality. She makes a great best friend. She makes a guys life turn around in seconds. She always knows how to have a good time with her friends. People talk crap about her but she know who she is and she doesn't listen to them. Her friends back her up for anything she needs and she will do the same for her friends. She is just a overall loving, beautiful, amazing, cute, best friend a guy could ever have.
Julia, Loving, cute, best friend. amazing
by Rawrrawr22 July 06, 2011
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Julia is an AMAZING girl. Short but very cute. Has brown hair but acts like a blonde at times. She is the most lovable person in the world. Can get any guy she desires. Has amazing eyes that you can stare at all day. Likes to go out a lot, and have a good time with friends. Athletic but sometimes not be so good at some sport. Most are prude. Always hanging out with her best friend. If your lucky enough to date a Julia, hold on to her and never let go because she will make your life soo much better and make you happy. Good Luck finding a Julia they are rare.
Im dating Julia :)
by juliaisaprude November 07, 2011
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An amazingly pretty girl who everyone loves and gets about 3 million hugs a day . A person that is so lovable and amazing that you cant help smiling when you see her and think about all the crazy things that you have done with her. She is the only anti depressant you need. Just one hug from this beautiful person makes your day no matter what you’ve been through. The only person that you will do anything to just be with for five minutes. She is the sun that comes out during a storm , the brightest star in a winter sky the person that can make anything funny , the person that you will do anything for no matter how stupid it is and not care. The person with around fifty best friends but love them so much they’ll never leave her side. The first person you think of when your in trouble.
if you could bring one thing to a stranded island , what would it be ? i would bring the prettiest , funniest most amazing person there is , JULIA!
by soccccer September 01, 2011
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