scared of ones house/home
im not homophobic... im not scared of my home
by william landymore June 14, 2007
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adj., Descriptive of one exhibiting a condition known as Homophobia:

1. (From homo, meaning "man", and phobe, meaning fear), adj. Realizing that mankind is dangerous. Possibly related to agoraphobic.

2. An insult made up by ijits pretending to know Latin - unaware of the difference between homo and homos - for use during childish name-calling disputes with other childish, name-calling ijits.

N. form: homophobe.
1. Many wild animals are nocturnal because they're homophobic.

2. "You're queer!" ... "You're homophobic!"
by Downstrike August 15, 2004
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Replaces gay (def 4: "The ultimate insult in any middle school argument.") once one has grown tired of using gay to describe everything.
Dude, your car is homophobic.

I can't believe you missed that shot, homophobe.
by Gaylord from India April 13, 2005
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what nerds and hippies people call you when you use the word gay as an insult. Bad word for what people use it for as most 'homophobes' aren't actually afraid of gay people.
guy: that is so gay!
dork: don't be homophobic! that is insulting!
guy: why, are you gay?
by newzealandboi February 13, 2004
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adj. Having a fear of homes.
"I've been sleeping in my car and traveling through the country. I just can't stand the thought of settling down anywhere."
"Dude, stop being so homophobic!"
by bluegreengrass April 9, 2014
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Homophobia is a type of person that's phobic to something related to houses.
Person 1: Hey dude look at that awesome house!
Person 2: I'm homophobic !! screeches in agonising pain
by potatoyaro May 16, 2020
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person 1: aaaaaaaaaaaaah a house!
person 2: youre homophobic
person 1: houses are against the bible
person 2: you stupid homophobe
person 1: its unnatural all the house poeple go to hell
by Its_a_lie_motherfuckers! December 1, 2021
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