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Minion for "fuck"
***Kevin takes Stuart's banana away***

Stuart: Blumock!
by FegelFatso June 27, 2017
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To throw up after drinking a lot, specifically in order to drink more.
Jason: Blood! You gotta try this whiskey.
Renae: Heck yeah! But I’m pretty drunk, so let me go do a Menace reset and then I’ll try it!
by FegelFatso November 20, 2018
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A phrase Millennials love to use when they don't get what they want.
Millennial Student: I know this assignment is late, but I still did it.

Professor: I'll accept it... with a late penalty.

Millennial Student: That's not fair! I did the work, so I should get full credit!
by FegelFatso March 24, 2018
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The free market’s version of a Stimulus Package.
Well, Trump and McConnell won’t sign the HEROES act, so I guess OnlyFans is the next stimulus for me.
by FegelFatso December 28, 2021
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Where Christians eat on Sunday's because Chick-Fil-A is closed.
Christian 1: Dude, let's go get some chicken after church!
Christian 2: We can't. Remember, it's Sunday; Chick-Fil-A is closed.
Christian 1: No, it's all good! We can go to Raising Cane's.
Christian 2: Oh yeah! Praise Jesus!
by FegelFatso November 13, 2016
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Kyle: Hey Chef! Do you know where “shit” comes from... we think it’s associated with The Black Death!

Chef: Oh no children! The Black Death! La Toya Jackson!
by FegelFatso January 16, 2020
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When you get a free egg roll at the end of your massage.
Masseuse: You get free egg roll! Happy Ending
by FegelFatso May 28, 2018
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