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A Pastor who has a hatred for homosexuals. He believes that terrorist attacks and other disasters are due to gays/lesbians. He's really stupid and deserves to be thrown off a cliff, for sure.
Wow, Fred Phelps is a big asshole who preaches at my church every night!
by kaydeesaidwhattt February 16, 2009
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Charming Middle American country gentleman who lives with his family in a nice big house/church and preaches hatred of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, liberals, most of America and pretty much most of the planet. For some esoteric reason only his relatives want to stay in the church, and you have to be a member to marry a member, which keeps their straight teeth fluoridated and their fingers on their banjos. Fred has at least one 69 session with Satan every night, and hopes that if he does it well enough long enough he'll get his soul back. Ya gadda have faith.
That's Fred Phelps. No liberals, no gays, not a shred of what the uninformed call basic human decency, just Fred. Yeeeeee-haaay boah!

This is Fred Phelps speaking. Rumours that Saddam Hussein stole away my significant other are totally unfounded.
by Fearman November 05, 2007
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A well known, devout Christian who sincerly belives that George carlin(RIP) is in hell.
"Hello, I'm fred phelps, and I'm here to tell you that George carlin is in hell. It is irrelevant that George made many people laugh, and brought joy to their hearts, he is in hell because he toyed with the perposterous idea of god"
by |WTF| January 11, 2009
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A self-proclaimed "Reverend" who is the patriarch of a family in inbred dolts who call themselves "The Westboro Baptist Church." They protest at funerals of gay people, solidiers, and celebrities, claiming that the decesed his rotting in hell, and was a "fag". Their aim is to destroy the first amendment by taking it to such an ugly extreme, and to destroy people's view of religeon/church/God/etc.
In 1929, Fred Phelps' mom sodomized her brother (Fred's dad) with a strapon dildo. Nine months later, he took a shit and forgot to flush, they named it "Fred Phelps".

Why dosn't Fred Phelps hurry up and die. I'm anxious to protest at his funeral.
by MarcusDude April 08, 2013
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verb: to Fred Phelps; the act of farting during anal sex, specifically by the person who's anus is being used for the sex.

not to be confused with the verb to phelps (finishing a joint or bowl in under a minute) it is derived from the name of notorious bigot and head of the Westboro baptist church, Fred Phelps.
hey bro how'd your date with that dude go?

it was going well untill i started fucking him in the ass, he Fred Phelpsed all over my dick!

thatsucks man
by pipelinewill September 21, 2011
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A conservative shit who hates the world, and especially gays.
From Topeka Kansas, basically shows up at funerals with hate signs.
Did you see the news?
oh, yeah, just that Fred Phelps guy being a dick again.
by sirlalalar April 05, 2011
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The head of the Westboro Baptist Church. An incredibly hateful man who runs and According to this incredible asshole, the GI's getting killed in Iraq are God's punishment for not persecuting homosexuals. His cult has picketted their funerals with signs like "God Hates Fags," "America Is Doomed," "Thank God for Dead Troops," "God Blew Up the Troops," "Fag Soldiers in Hell," and "Thank God for IEDs." He's a horrible example of Christianity and has a big surprise coming for him from God when he dies. He is linked to thechristian identity movement, a white-supremacist organization posing as a church.
Here are the people in Hell, according to Fred Phelps.
Matt Sheppard
Reggie White
Ronald Reagan
Martin Luther King
Corretta Scott King
Mr Rogers
All US casualties of the Iraq War
The victims of the West Virginia coal mine disaster

It should be noted that Freddie had met several times with and praised the leadership of our best buddy Saddam Hussein.
by jonzo the weasel July 30, 2006
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