A device often wished for by software developers who have been given unreasonable deadlines to complete their work. Although typically this would be used to give the benefit of hindsight to oneself in the past, many would wish to use it to kill the parent/grandparent of the project manager, thus ensuring they will never have been born.
Uh oh, we're going to miss our deadline, everyone in the Tardis. Boss, you stay here.
by FatHairyCoder March 23, 2005
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n. Used to express:
1) Degree of retardedness
2) Degree of lateness
1) "Your tardiness is unbelievable!"
2) "Explain your tardiness!"
by spronkey November 30, 2003
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When you’re tardy for class, because of you don’t know the buss lines too well here yet. Because of men hitting on you and distracting you, the police,
people asking you for directions and you don’t want them to get lost and I had to eat something for our people, oh also phones, need charging.
I was tardy to class, ah
by June 8, 2018
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A word to describe something or someone that is lame. Originates from the word tardy to describe unpunctual but is now a HIGHLY POPULAR alternative to the somewhat overused 'lame'
George was really tardy today
by Dobby Fan #1 April 17, 2009
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When a tard person calls someone else a tard, they say tardie instead of tard.
Person 1: Bruh stop dude not funny
Person 1: k tard.
by Kicky On Tippy March 25, 2021
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An adjective that describes a person or his actions being retarded.
"Gawd, how did your dad not know what an emo is?! He's tardie."
by JDay Fudge June 16, 2009
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An Irish road worker's workload description in the dimensions of time and space.
Example: I tardis today and I tardis tomorrow.
by Peter Glum September 9, 2007
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