buss is a term used in the "aina" or in other words the hawaiian islands to describe the state of being high/drunk out of your mind. Being "buss" or "bus" relates to being drunk/high for the reason that, if one is "bus/buss", they must use a bus or other reliable form of transportation to get home.
An example includes:

-Ho brah, you buss already?
by stoner808 June 3, 2009
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buss is also another word for cum or fight
example "me a buss"

im goin 2 cum its a jamacian thing

"buss man up ya no"
by Niyaxx April 24, 2008
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Originally a word for kiss ... but has since been smothered, warped, and twisted by today's general sex-crazed Western society to mean several ridiculous, perverted sexual meanings...just like most of all the English words.

The word is buss, and it means 'to touch with the lips' - not necessarily against someone's mouth - to express love, affection or greeting. Can be used in certain moments when a kiss is just too awkward or unnecessarily full-on; or when a friendly nuzzle with the nose just doesn't convey enough meaning.
1. He expressed his concern with a gentle buss on her shoulder
2. At the party, she had no intention of succumbing to peer pressure, and so a quick buss on her friend's cheek was all the action they would witness.
3. "We'll be okay," he whispered as their house burned down. He felt too saddened to give her a kiss, and so instead risked giving her a guilty buss on the cheek, hoping she wouldn't find out he'd left the stove on.
by pseudoB1023 January 27, 2010
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To do something - rather, the act of doing - but you can't say it in proper English, you've gotta have some Hackney accent.
Oi I'm gonna go buss a cotch, cuz.

I is bussin' the flat-cap, boi.
by Gweelia September 24, 2006
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pink doesnt suit every male , theres only certain boys that know how to buss it

you should of seen camion the other day bussin those hoops,

who in the world busses tracksuit bottoms with dolly shoes ?
by esfi February 15, 2010
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