A little girl's leotards or tights.
Her mother made her wear her tardies so her legs wouldn't get cold when she wore a skirt.
by Mom of One March 25, 2008
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A stupid or foolish person. Goofy looking
Faith was being a tardis when she tripped on her own shoe lace, didn't know how to etc..., forgot to do her make up on one side of her face

Rick: *sneezes and snots all over himself
Tom: Rick you're such a tardis
by Pleasure Ellis May 20, 2014
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An idiotic person; someone who has a limited attention span; punning on "-tard" from "retard" and "TARDIS", the police box-shaped time machine/spacecraft from Doctor Who, the person's mind is "floating through time and space".
Get that tardis to come over here right now!
by pentozali November 16, 2005
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Tardy as in unclassy, frumpiness. Also used in the context when overdone and unrealistic.
"Did you see her fall over?"
"Yeah but it was completely tardy.. mainly because you could see what she ate for breakfast!"

"Charlotte looks quite tardy in that picture!"
"Yeah but that's typical tardiness from her, she always looks like Barbies long lost cousin"

"Excuse me, feeling a little tardy today"
"No way hun, you don't look tardy at all, last night however..."
by Milosaraptor March 12, 2012
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You may think it is the word for being late, but it is actually a girl who cannot speak proper English and doesn't shut the fuck up. A Tardy is into fat chicks and is also known to have sexual relationships with their cats.
"That bitch fucked her cat, she's a real tardy".
by Spunkmuffin42 November 4, 2019
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1. a phrase used by schools to say that if you're tardy too many times then your parents will be invited
2. a parental sex orgy
1. remember kids, tardy tardy parent party
2. so the party party's scheduled for thursday?
by PlayDohMan June 8, 2006
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a supposed artist who sounds like a retard everytime that she opens up her mouth
person 1: have you heard the new Cardi B track it's fire?

person 2: I don't listen to that talentless tardi b trash.. gtfo of here with that shit.
by politicallyincorrect7190 February 1, 2019
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