the act of being retarded
Haley was showing her retardedness when she fell down the stairs on a cruis.
by Haley Marie P. June 17, 2007
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something being very retarded
Note: not a real word
Helen thought retardedness was a word but the almighty hawt Erich proved her wrong
by Mr.AznGuy May 5, 2011
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Someone who is more than reatared and has a sickness of being stupid
I thick he he has retardedism
by Crazy@C May 20, 2017
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(Also pronounced retaddedment)

The highest level of being retarded. One you must work hard to accomplish and once you get there you can't get any better so you have no choice but to retire at that point you have reached retardedment. Then you must go to a retardedment home for the rest of your retadded life
Hey look at mark over there he is so lucky he has reached retardedment. It is something I look forward to someday
by Jwrules January 25, 2016
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The act of being MORE retarded than the person you are calling retarded.
He is so much more retardeder than his brother is.
by Bacita Mae Jenkins March 22, 2022
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adj. (even) more retarded
Damn! I thought that guy was an idiot, but his friend is even retardeder! I mean, he is D-U-M dumb!
by freakomatic May 5, 2006
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A person who cant spell retarded.
Person one texting: Your so retardede
Person two texting: Retarded*
by This Is Interesting October 6, 2020
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