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The expression used to confirm another human's or alien's statement. If not sure of what the person is saying, ask them to explain themselves.
"Yo, what do you"
by B-rad February 24, 2005
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To tell someone about something, like whats it for, whats it do, how much it costs. That's pretty much it.
I will explain why I always pick the people:
1) Mike
2) Liam
3) Lily
4) Bill
I picked those names since they are nice and short, and they came to my mind first. There, I just explained why I chose those names.

Mike: What's it like to have a dishwasher? Explain to me why it's so nice to have, and why I should spend my money on one.
Liam: Well, first off, you don't have to hand clean dishes, it does it for you. Also, it usually gets all the stuff off.
Mike: Explain why it's easier than hand washing stuff.
Liam: First off, you just have to put the dishes in, select the settings, start it, and enjoy life for the few hours you have before having to put them away.
Mike: Oh. Sounds like it's pretty easy, I'll get one tomorrow!
by TheStrangerWhoKnows November 19, 2018
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To give an answer to a question
Sam said "Can you explain what fuck means"

His Father said"Fucking is how you were born, it took alot of Cum and dick power to make you, so don't let it go to waste."
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by ShutTheFuckUpAlready October 16, 2020
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You cant really explain explain. In fact its hard too. Basically your just saying something... yeah you really cant explain it.
Mom: Explain why you had sex on your screen?

You: I switched to porn because it would be easier to explain.

Mom: Ass munch doesn't understand how to be safe on the internet


Guy: Explain explain.

Guy2: ....

Guy: Spit it out!

Guy2: Well your pretty much saying something or why you did something like going on porn

Guy: Oh ok!
by anuser May 05, 2019
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