Referring to yourself as “tardi
When you are late to class
by Silver.Gun December 13, 2018
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My brother is kind of "special," I attended his Birthday tardy the other day.
by Re Tard Jr. July 11, 2008
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"Tardy Jackson Pleads Innocent."

Source: Reuters news brief, Fri Jan 16, 2004
by ckg January 17, 2004
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A person usually becomes tardy when they are over-tired, have had too much sugar or are possibly drunk.
They say bonehead things and act like complete fools.
"James please stop acting so friggn tardy. Just calm down or I'll have to make you leave."

"I hate spending time with these tardy people!"
by *Barbie July 25, 2006
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Slang for vagina that is bigger on the inside.
"Wow that tardis was definately bigger on the inside! My doctor had loads of room!"
by batmum July 27, 2006
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(n.) Used as a retort or randomly placed statement to anything or at any given time. Invariably followed by the exact same retort, for as long as the many tardi can keep it up.
Person 1: "Man, I just landed the plane in Top Gun!"
Person 2: "You're a tardis."
Person 1: "You're a tardis."
Person 2: "No, you're a tardis."
Person 1: "No, YOU'RE a tardis."
Person 2: "YOU'RE a tardis."
Person 3: "You're BOTH tardi."
Person 1 and 2: "You're a tardis."


*Long silence*
Person 1: "You're a tardis."
by {{PseudoNymX}} January 5, 2008
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Someone who is a bigger retard than you initially thought

~ Colourful descriptive word for someone, usually with negative connotations against the person in question, though also acceptable as an informal term of endearment for close friends with a matching sense of humour.
~ Can be used in place of most alternative mid to high-end insults.
~ Often preceded with one of more adverbs of the users choice to put further emphasis on the retardation of the subject.

~ Derives meaning from both 'tard (common abbreviation of the word Retard) and Doctor Who's TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space) in popular culture, whereby the inner capacity of the Time Machine is much larger than it appears from the outside.

Thereby, a person who is said to be a 'Tardis' is one who, although initially comes across as suffering from only a mild case of retardation, upon further subjection to their obvious and unabridged barrage of utter incomprehension you can simply no longer apportion sympathy, and thus, brand them a tardis.

Not to be confused with turdis or turgid.
Ex.1 "You massive tardis"

Ex.2 "Man, I thought he was just a midi-tard, but it turns out he's a complete and utter full-on tardis"

Ex.3 "In trying to rewire that electric mower outside in the rain during a thunderstorm, whilst wearing a chain-mail vest, standing barefoot on a man-hole cover and crimping exposed wires between his teeth whilst the mower is still plugged in at the mains, he has elevated himself to the state of a tardis"

Ex.4 "Paris Hilton"
by JoeGo8 March 12, 2011
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