A series of mundane tasks that if successfully completed, will award you a pointless piece of paper that will get you a job you were capable of doing 4 years ago. Courses are usually run by wanker academics who are fat and have no social skills who despite having no idea who you are, think they have the right to grade your intellect.
I got a degree so society thinks I have value.
by JCollier123 January 16, 2019
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An academic title conferred by universities and colleges as an indication of the completion of a course of study, or as an honorary recognition of achievement.

Or more honestly, something that you have to get in order to get a decent job. While most schools confer degrees, there is a new class of ttt schools, mostly online like University of Phoenix and Walden University, that basically sell degrees. While not technically a diploma mill, these new schools have such weak standards that US News and World Report doesn't even bother to rank them. So as long as you stick to a real college, UCLA, Harvard, Duke University, Texas A&M University, University of Miami, University of Michigan... (you know, real schools), your degree should be worth something.
I bombed my SATs and thought that I would have to get a degree through some online crap school like Walden University, but ended up getting into University of Alabama anyway.
by UoAoU June 18, 2009
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How Google translate reads "( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) "
Person 1: *types ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

Google: Degree Degree

Person 1: Tf is that?
by ( ͜。 ͡ʖ ͜。) February 13, 2016
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The academic qualification that hopefully makes worthwhile the spending of the best part of your early adulthood staring at words, diagrams and numbers on computer screens and in books, being unable to keep your own income, living off pot noodles, spending several hours a day on dirty buses, regurgitating author's opinions and sometimes regurgitating after a night of heavy drinking as a result of an attempt to forget about all of the above for a night.
Healthy, content human being: Hey, do you want to-

Uni student: Can't.

Healthy, content human being: Why not?

Uni student: Need an 8.4 GPA on my degree to do my master's.
by fickletravisbickle May 8, 2011
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Papers that supposedly help you get a better job
by ac February 14, 2004
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It is simply a means to an end. Guys want to obtain the power of degree in order to get a job and make money. However, the real purpose of obtaining this power is because they want to get the perfect girl that they drew in their mind with the money them make. Then when they find the perfect girl and get married, she will cheat on them with a badass-no-good guy who has no degree.
Guy 1: Dude, my sperms are involving into frogs, I need to get laid
Guy 2: Follow the teaching Mr. Miyagi and train hard to obtain the power of the degree then you will get laid. But be careful, the pressure and stress you have to endure can turn the frogs into crude oil.
by Zayzoo January 17, 2012
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When a males scrotum and penis are in eachothers places, or a females anus and vagina are in eachothers places.
"Omfg that guys a freak i've heard he's got the degrees!"
by HFX June 6, 2006
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