Recognition of the realities, possibilities of events, situations,decisions etc.. after they have occurred
In hindsight, we should have acted differently when Chris told us he was gay, now hes not talking to us.
by str8blazed January 30, 2007
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The universe rubbing your face in your own fuck up.
In hindsight Jenny realised her first (mistake) was (inserting) the vacuum nozzle into her (vagina).
by rapunzabel September 15, 2016
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Setting your sights on on someone's behind
In hindsight you look good
by nlenz March 9, 2016
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After you screw something up, you magically and conveniently gain a vast amount of knowledge on what you SHOULD have done to avoid screwing up.

Although it generally occurs after you really messed up, it doesn't necessary always happen after such a negative situation.
Girl- "Hey Dave, I just tested positive on that pregnancy test, you dunce."

Dave- "You know, maybe I kind of, should have used a rubber at that party 2 weeks ago.... " <--(Hindsight)

Girl- "Yeah... that probably would have been a very good idea."
by PandaNoodle July 8, 2011
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Someone who is quick to make a suggestion about what to do or what he would have done in a situation that has already happened.
Bill: Yea, I opened my car window and forgot that my application was sitting on the seat, and it blew right out the window.

Dan: What I always do is before opening my window is look around and see if there is anything that can blow out.

Bill: (Thinking) What a hindsighter you are.
by BillyBuggy March 14, 2011
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When you're too busy checking out dat ass and forget what you were doing.
I went to get carryout but after hindsight I barely remembered where I was.
by jpikester July 31, 2018
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The year 2020 is overwith. What people living through the COVID-19 pandemic cannot wait to be able to say starting on January 1, 2021.
Jackie: Boy, that was a rough year. I am so glad we are in to 2021 and that whole COVID-19 mess is behind us. Donny was getting wound up about how COVIDgilent I was being.

Jill: Yup, 2020 is hindsight. On the upside, you guys did deliver a beautiful COVID boomer in December.
by the comand'r April 6, 2020
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