the trainee who will definitely debut on September 18th
"omg who is that guy from iland with cute moles?"
"That's sunghoon!"
by Tutuism1 September 14, 2020
The most handsome person ever who is a member of the group Enhypen.
by jimin's walkie talkie September 20, 2020
The loudest introvert person I know. He's effortlessly funny and he knows how to make your heart flutter. He always put smile on my face. The man who captured my heart.
Sunghoon is effortlessly funny.

I love Sunghoon.

Sunghoon will be my forever bias.
by vousmevoyaz March 14, 2022
The cutest and most handsome man in the world. He has an angelic voice. He's a member of Enhypen. He's damn good in ice skating so his fans call him an "ice prince"
Who is your husband?
He's name is Park Sunghoon.
by Cherrybby May 15, 2021
the most handsome person you will ever see, the guy from enhypen
you know that sunghoon guy from enhypen? yeah he’s my bf 😝
by sunghoon’s gf November 18, 2020
Park Sunghoon, is a member of the South Korean Kpop Boy Group called, "Enhypen". The band consists of 7 members, and were formed by the survival show "I-LAND". Sunghoon is also well-known as Korea's "ICE PRINCE" as he is a professional ice-skater since childhood. He is also known for his ethereal and charming looks.
*Sunghoon looks at himself in the camera*: Wow I am so handsome:')
by Clary Maria💌 December 10, 2021