A sweet and handsome guy, who is rumored to be a cold blooded, heartless douche.
He may be a lying manipulator that is self absorbed. Exhibits strong personality traits of a narcissistic sociopath.

Doesn't care to form relationships, not even narcissistic, twisted relationships, with other humans; Has no conscience; A wolf in sheep's clothing; Feels his own feelings deeply, but has an absolute inability to feel anyone else's, or to have empathy for anyone else.
Damn, bae! I was just trying to tell a story, but you had to whip out the Ice Prince on me like...no.
by Lilac01 July 30, 2014
ENHYPEN's Park Sunghoon has been well known since pre-debut, a former figure skater with multiple awards. Now he's an idol who's being stealed the attention by many people for his incredible talents and ethereal beauty of prince. He is all rounder idol. He is an amazing singer, rapper, dancer and of course main visual ice prince.

Enhypen's Park Sunghoon is an elegant poised dancer on ice and visual delight!
"wow, sunghoon is really good looking"
"Our Ice prince, park sunghoon"
"who's ice prince from south korea? oh it would be Enhypen's Sunghoon"
by flouresca July 22, 2021
Enhypen's Park Sunghoon is an amazing artist, he has been well known since pre-debut as a former figure skater with multiple awards, that's why he's known as "ice prince". Now, he is all rounder idol. His charisma and visual ice prince are perfect. He can dance not only on main land but on ice, and that's something to be amazed. Park Sunghoon from ENHYPEN, ice prince, skater-idol, exudes ethereal beauty that can attract a lot of people.
"Park Sunghoon is really an ice prince"
"Wow Sunghoon the 4th Gen Ice Prince, his visual no joke"
"who's 4th Gen Ice Prince from south korea? that's our ice prince, park sunghoon!!"
by flouresca July 22, 2021
Enhypen Park Sunghoon is named as Ice prince because he spent his age from 7 yrs to 18 yrs as figure skater and retired in 2020 and become idol. Ice prince title is since he was skater and he remains as ice prince in kpop for his long career in Ice rink.
He has cool personality and prince like visual . So He is one and only ice prince in kpop industry
eg, Sunghoon is ice prince for his cool personality and prince like visual
by Julie KM August 14, 2021