1. Someone you see a bright future with.
2. One you wish the spend the rest of your life with like " your boyfriend or girlfriend
3. Your happy ever after
Martins is "my forever'
'My forever'is secured by my new lover.
by Ama berry December 19, 2016
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The term "My Forever and always" means you love someone so much you want too stay with them forever, and you will always love them unconditionally.
by HerHappilyEverAfter January 3, 2014
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The cutest acoustic music group ever, led by Kelianna Green. Working on some amazing stuff.
Check out Chasing My Forever on their myspace www.myspace.com/chasingmyforever
by HiILoveBeau July 1, 2010
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Bro you're forever my brother
by Tyaquirm September 17, 2018
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"Forever My Lady Boots" are the boots worn by the R&B group Jodeci in their Video "Forever My Lady." The shoes come half way up the leg and are mostly big and in dark colors. The shoe strings can be tied but sometimes are loose.
Example 1:

John: Dang, Them shoes are gigantic. You can stomp somebody with those.

Jack: These are my "Forever My Lady Boots"

Example 2:

Mark: Hey remember that Forever My Lady video Jodeci made.

Dawayne: Yeah, haaha remember those boots.

Mark: Those are "Forever My Lady Boots."
by Blublossom June 15, 2010
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If someone is your best friend forever and ever they will do everything to protect you. Someone who will stick with you forever is often someone who has or will hurt in some way. Your best friend forever and ever will do anything for you even if it means sacrificing something they love. You will do everything with your best friend forever and ever and when ever you guys had the chance as kids you would ask for a sleepover.

Your best friend forever and ever is going to be one of your first ever friends. If someone is your best friend forever and ever they will grow up with you. You will see them change and they will see you change. No matter what it is you guys will always agree. If you have a best friend forever and ever you consider them a sibling and they will have your back no matter what and Vice versa.

You will often share the same music genre with your friend. Music is one of the things that connect people the most and if your friend doesn’t have the same music sense that you do you guys probably won’t stay friend’s forever. Most friends bond over one kind of music the others the other one may not like but as long as you guys are bonded with at least one genre your safe.

Best friends forever and ever will support your interests no matter what. Either by liking it to or just supporting it.

If you have a friend who you know will stay with you forever and ever. They your bitch and will always be. FUCK YOU NON BELIEVERS FRIENDS FOREVER! FUCK YEAH!
Wendy is my best friend forever and ever!

Shout out to your best friend forever and ever
by That!d!ot@ngie June 19, 2021
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