A type of tiktok prank trend that tricks the audience to believe that they are watching one thing, but as soon as it hits the important part of the video it stops as Sunghoon from Enhypen walks from the side of the screen and starts dancing.
"Man my Xiao fanedit was interuppted by that one ice skater dude from Enhypen."
"Oh wow. You must've been Sunghooned!"
by Klee_is_me June 8, 2022
"Is that who I think it is?"
"I think so.."
"Oh my god it's Sunghoon from ENHYPEN! I want to be him so bad he's so cool."
by Kim Yohan August 23, 2021
finest mf you'll ever see and hear of. source? my big intelligent brain
jay: *uses sunghoon as a model*

therfore sunghoon is the finest mf
by keahna July 20, 2021
when someone who watches tiktok videos gets tricked and sees that one specific sunghoon tiktok video coming out
I got sunghooned for how many times today.
by rixinnie June 13, 2022
A kid that is very annoying and begs for money at lunch even though he has 1 billion dollars.
by MathGeek2016 June 5, 2017
Also known as Ice Prince, Sunghoonie and many more. His ideal girl is Irene from Red Velvet. His charm is his nose bridge, face and of course his eye smile. His fans are called Penguins. He is from a South Korean Boy Group called Enhypen. They debuted on November 30, 2020. Watch their music video "Given-Taken", and I'm sure that you will like it. Please support them too. 🥺
"Park Sunghoon is one of a kind."
"Oh wow, Park Sunghoon is so handsome"
by sophiadapers December 3, 2020
Widely known as the most handsome man to walk on this earth.
I walked past the most beautiful person on earth… oh! It was Park Sunghoon from Enhypen obviously 🗣
by Anonymousbitchgrrrr September 12, 2021