A name for a sweet and loving significant other. One who genuinely cares for you and loves you. Typically something to call your significant other if you understand the filipino language as it means “love” in tagalog. Although they may annoy you and want to go bald you still love them fully.
You’ve been staring at me for a minute, mahal.
by sfb_ February 20, 2020
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An amazing artistic girl who is kind to everyone she meets. She is different, but a really good friend.
Girl: Mahal is very artistic
Mahal:No I'm not
Girl: Don't be so modest
by Bff041309 September 12, 2013
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the definiton of mahaling is loving someone at that moment doesnt necessarily have to be MAKING LOVE!! but loving someone like u r thinking of them and missing them...
Girl: wut r u doing right now?
John: Mahaling You!! dats about it
Girl: Ang sweet naman ni John
by Ry February 12, 2005
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Another name for WWE wrestler Jinder Mahal due to the likelihood that he is utilizing supplements which require a hypodermic needle to consume.
In the next segment , Needles Mahal shows up.
by Nigel Bennett May 25, 2017
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Mahal Kita means I love you in Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines.
Mahal kita honey
by the computer doc April 26, 2004
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