A group of talent people. They are capable of making us cry and smile. Stan them and you won't regret
"Hey do you know enhypen"
"Who's that?"
"Oh, it's a group of boys that will dominate the world!"
by M3IJ1 September 19, 2020
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a new group that will grow and become one of the greatest. in other words, ROTY!
“Thats Enhypen? I smell ROTY!”

“Whos that new talented group? ENHYPEN!”
by kyji September 23, 2020
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me: its not even been a year since enhypen debuted and they already outsold your faves

you: 😔😔😔😔
by kang taehyun’s gf September 11, 2021
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enhypen is actually a boy band that debuted from an egg, yes a literal egg (iland go kys). anyways heeseung sunghoon jay jake sunoo jungwon niki are the finest ever lolz u cant relate so L ok
"enhypen are the future of kpop fr"
by hayaurlocalunstableteenager March 26, 2023
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is an EPIC seven-member boy group under Belift Lab. Made through the show I-LAND, they will debut soon in November 2020
Hey, are you excited for Enhypen's debut?
by uncommonpls September 25, 2020
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> Boys who are cute and talented, stan Enhypen because they’re cute. Also, stream Let Me In (20 Cube) and Given-Taken.
They are the best oml
“Enhypen are the best boys!”
Yes, they are all cutie
by Haruto Cutie December 26, 2020
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