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Park Sunghoon, is a member of the South Korean Kpop Boy Group called, "Enhypen". The band consists of 7 members, and were formed by the survival show "I-LAND". Sunghoon is also well-known as Korea's "ICE PRINCE" as he is a professional ice-skater since childhood. He is also known for his ethereal and charming looks.
*Sunghoon looks at himself in the camera*: Wow I am so handsome:')
by Clary Maria💌 December 10, 2021
This iconic quote was said by BLACKPINK's Jennie to member Rosé, basically a cute inside joke among the BLINK fandom.
Rosé: *spills water*
Jennie: Oh no Rosie Posie did it again
by Clary Maria💌 November 15, 2021