Widely known as the most handsome man to walk on this earth ever.
I walked past a beautiful man.. oh! It was Park Sunghoon obviously ☺️
by Anonymousbitchgrrrr September 12, 2021
You Mean the Ice Prince Park Sunghoon from Enhypen!
Oh BOYYYY! The definition of perfection itself!

Have you ever seen his hands? Prettiest you'll ever in this whole world.

His Visuals are no Joke!!

He is the the prettiest human you would ever see.
He saved the god damn career of so many models BISHHH! Thank god he chose singing as in career. Thank him!

He is the boy everyone wants but you won't get Him Sir! But members are tired of him self praising for everything. Even when he lacks strength in front of Jay. He won't accept. (But still I love this boy!)

His Soulmate is JAKE and their Bonding is on the other level.

Has domestic Brother-Brother relation with JAY. (Who is tired of Hoon praising himself all over Everytime!)
But still Everyone loves this Hoonie~

He is the sweetest person! He won't say many words but he won't ever stop showing his affection for you through his actions! He loves when you praise him not just for his visuals but also for the person who he is. He generally need affirmation for what he is doing. Because he is never sure form inside for the same. So he thinks praising and others complementing him will help his insecurities. He is that friend who'll call you just to tell you that you have missed the chance you the DROP DEAD GORGEOUS morning looks of his just to irritate you. But he is the sweetest boy!
You mean the visual of ENHYPEN?...




I love that boy in the ORANGE SHIRT in FEVER song!…..
by EnhaHoonie09 November 23, 2021
an all rounder man and is a member of an all rounder group, ENHYPEN. men hates him since he is the standard. and oh! girls are single because of him
“Who’s that tall guy over there?”
“Oh, he’s Park Sunghoon the 4th Gen Main Visual!”
by alveroclaire July 24, 2021
every engenes' nightmare.
if i was allowed, i'd simply paste the link here.
"what's Park Sunghoon's biggest imperfection?"
"that tiktok video from 12 september 2021, i keep getting sunghooned and end up crying."
by bbobamlee June 12, 2022
A man with a warm heart. His eyes are more beautiful than the stars, when he smiles his eyes are filled with a unique light. His smile is the most tender in the world. He is a very special person, he is handsome but his soul is even more beautiful. He is someone who works hard and can overcome all obstacles. His voice is too beautiful, have you heard Sunghoon sing? His dance is one of a kind. He lights up the world.
Sunghoon: Member of ENHYPEN
by Alewiwi_2001 November 25, 2021
This man named Park sunghoon from enhypen needs to give us another bed selcs like pls. Also hes a good singer and dancer. That's my pookie.

Best music bank mc
Sunghoon baba
by Kaurixt December 3, 2022
the sweetest person alive and also an amazing performer, he’s also member a the group Enhypen !
omg he’s so handsome who is it ?

it’s obviously sunghoon
by shnlover November 28, 2021