2 definitions by vousmevoyaz

The loudest introvert person I know. He's effortlessly funny and he knows how to make your heart flutter. He always put smile on my face. The man who captured my heart.
Sunghoon is effortlessly funny.

I love Sunghoon.

Sunghoon will be my forever bias.
by vousmevoyaz March 14, 2022
Whesley is kindhearted and friendly. He is so nice to everyone. Everyone admired him, and everyone wants to be friends with him. Almost every woman in the village likes him. He's one of the heartthrob in the campus.

Whesley is tall and good-looking. He plays badminton and he plays a lot of online games. He's the boy who will pass your standards.
Whesley helped me understand the lesson.

Whesley is so good at playing games.

He looks so good playing badminton.
by vousmevoyaz March 14, 2022