The shipping or pairing of Sokka and Suki from the cartoonime Avatar: The Last Airbender. It's the most popular Sokka shipping and is mostly favored by zutarians. It is a cannon pairing
Random person: I just read a Sukka fan-fic! It was set after boiling rock.
by KaByakuya May 26, 2009
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All computers are sukkas
Do you have any songs on your sukka?
by xil May 6, 2005
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a person in a bad situation, a fool, or a mug
That sukkas mom found his stash.
by v-money October 9, 2004
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"I kill you wit' ma fist, sukka!" - Mr. T
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
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wen a nigg is actin like a fool...hes actin sukka-ish..........but u woodnt kno bout that
like snoop said on new years....wen i sukka try give iut to u......drop it like its hottt
by mindi sukkaaa fo sho January 6, 2005
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those special shoes you have when you put them on, you look and feel like a straight G.
Oh dwamn Jamaal you got your sukka dukkas on!
by The Van-Man November 12, 2010
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One who defines him/herself as a "LLGM" AKA: LYNN LYNN GANG MEMBER !
Just got this "Sukka bitch" for a cutie pie last night!!!
by MIS*THANGG/&GANNG July 9, 2020
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