Jamaal: An extremely handsome, Ambitious, Honest, funny, protective, intelligent, faithful, generous, sincere, captivating Man
who has the ability to make anyone smile. Jamaal is the most Incredible man in the word and is often referred to as 'Mr. Incredible' by his amazing girlfriend who absolutely adores him <3:P.... in other words..COMPLETE PERFECTION!!
Girl 1: I wonder if that fine piece of man is single.
Girl 2: I sure hope so.. he is fineeeeeee!

Jamaal's gf: Bitch please.. find your own Jamaal.
by iNessLoveJay October 20, 2013
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This dude is the best guy you will ever know. He is funny, cool, super handsome, loyal, trustworthy,intelligent, honest, and lastly great at everything he does. This man is athletic and he can do most anything that is asked of him. If you ever get a hold of him never ever let him go because your missing out on a little piece of heaven.
Wow, Jamaal just made my day.

How can he do that, Jamaal is the coolest dude I've ever encountered.

Sorry, that right there is my Jamaal.
by Sfatgm March 25, 2017
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Deep thinker, honest, wildly intelligent, safe, silent leader, statuesque physique, keeps your secrets, non-judgemental, quiet, but not a pushover, handsome, easy to love, loyal, spontaneous, may sit in his car for hours on end to decompress from his day, overwhelmed by people.
Jamaal, you are so smart!
by YoBabyYoooooo November 24, 2021
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Doing a chick doggy style while her head is in the toilet. You pull out spin her around and bust your load in her face. Then dunk her head back in the toilet and shout you just got Jamaaled, Bitch! Wipe your dick off on her clothes, leave the bathroom and go to Jimmy Johns.
Did he just Jamaal that chick?
That bitch got Jamaaled.
How many chicks got Jamaaled tonight at the Border?
by DUAlum11 June 30, 2011
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That one nigga that's cool as hell but always boonk gangs your shit tho
Person1: stop talking shit or im going to send Jamaal nigga

Person2: oh shit
by Nibbadafuck December 27, 2018
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a piece of shit Jihad that smells and looks like a camel.
that jihad jamaal was looking at me wierd
by Mikelawson July 17, 2009
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