Suki is usually an asian girl and she is beautiful. She always gets compliments for how pretty she is. She is humble, kind, funny, beautiful, cool, and chill. She really knows how to throw it down. She pre games how you party. Suki is athletic too and plays sports not many people play. She always sticks with the goals and never gives up. Suki will always be by your side and always stick up for you. Never mess with her though. She really knows how to kick ass. Suki is a very unique person and once you meet her, never drop her. She is so trust worthing and will always keep your secrets. Suki also had one hell of a laugh. You can know Suki is around just because no one else has a laugh like hers. Suki is also very sarcastic and if you can't handle it you're gonna be in hell. Suki also has one hell of a sense of humor. Only some people will understand it.
Damn bro that Suki really knows how to bring it to the party
Yo I wish i could be friends with Suki

Suki is a great fucking friend
by bigbootygirl42069 December 11, 2018
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Suki is a beautiful kind hearted girl, with big plans in the future. Her heart is pure, only a few have had the chance to capture this young beauty's heart.
" Suki is so darn beautiful!! "
" I know right joey is one lucky man "
by Love yourself my man's November 1, 2017
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Suki is a beautiful, kind girl who is career-driven and a hard working person. She will go far in life. Suki is very welcoming, friendly, and polite. People are so drawn to her because of the charismatic abilities and good vibes she shows. Many are jealous/admired of Suki. She’s not egotistical or arrogant, she’s a humble and genuine girl. Suki has a heart warming soul. She cares so much about her family and friends. If you're lucky enough to date Suki or fall in love with her, don't let her go because she’s definitely a keeper! Suki is truly an angel with a heart of gold. It also doesn't hurt that Suki is incredibly gorgeous and has a great smile; it’s contagious! Suki is a heavy memer with a great personality. She’s a little bit quiet at first, but once you get to know her, she’ll become one of your greatest friends or even your girl ;). She is sarcastic and quite the joker, so she’s very easy to get along with.
Damn, Suki looks amazing today
Is Suki single?
I think I’m catching feelings for Suki
by MaiKimmy1234 November 11, 2019
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Suki is a fine ass bitch whos amazing and intelligent. As soon as you see her you fall in love. She is kind hearted and sexy as hell. Having her in your life is a privelige. Shes gourgeous and lowkey stupid and crazy but you always wanna be with her.
Damn do you see that girl! oh thats just Suki
by inlovewithgirls November 15, 2019
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She is a girl who is hot and has a big booty
She like guru is that suki
by Mummmy4714 November 15, 2019
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A modern cowboy-type who has mastered the art of smoking meat, building fires and fighting em, drinkin whiskey, and gettin hella bitches
To be a true Firemaster, I need to tap into my inner Suki
by Big Dumb Cry Baby July 8, 2020
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The name 'Suki' is originally Scandinavian. It is often used in India.
"Suki, pass me the curry.'
- Okay, here you go.

- Thank you, darling.
by comosedice April 24, 2015
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