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grass from heaven used by the right people, the good people, non-christian people

used by people who want to live with ltos of fun in a social way =)
~~~ ~~~
_________ ~~~~
/ \// ~
by xil April 13, 2005

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My wife, not yours.
"No, Chass is MY wife, screww off, skank"
by Xil February 02, 2004

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Another way to define a computer
All computers are sukkas
Do you have any songs on your sukka?
by xil May 06, 2005

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Country with the happiest people, take your children to work, public sex wahwah I love that country, Im dutch >.>
All americans should be bombed and die real painfully, *bomb that row of americans*
by xil April 13, 2005

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