Its the only orgasm you can have where its OK to be yeasty
Dan: You should try this BMT, its like an orgasm in a sandwich.
Luke: You keep your subway, Ill stick to raping kids.
by Mr_Munter July 10, 2008
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Your excuse for doing anything remotly
1."Uh, Jake? Why are you walking around with no pants and your shirt tucked into your whities tighties?"
"It's ok! I had Subway!"

2. "Pete! Why are you humping th dog!"
"It's ok, I had Subway!"
by Brilliant! January 22, 2004
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Subway is the worlds greatest place to get sub sandwiches and in Texas there #1 fan is Sophie Adams and all the people there know her she’s just that famous there thinking about make a Sophie Subway to and add it to the menu!!
Hey do you know where Sophie is I want to ask her about Subway
by Sophie Jean May 15, 2018
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People will mistake you for talking about the restaurant Subway.
Hey Bob, I'm gonna go to the subway station.
"I didn't know they had a station for a sandwich store?"
by notarealperson111 October 27, 2020
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Maff’s favourite hangover place, he would sell his soul for a foot long, one day he’ll realise he can make sandwiches at home though. Maff can be heard shouting at his phone ITS NOT JUST A FUCKING SANDWICH, but it is.
1. I’m hungover someone get me a subway

2. “Where’s Maff”, “he’s buggering himself With a frozen subway”
by Jammy66 May 23, 2020
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The act of a woman receiving simultaneous penis insertion from two males in her vagina. The back and forth action from the two males creates a subway like visual.
That chick is a whore, we ran a subway on her last week.
by Double sided San Diego car November 25, 2015
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