the best restaurant ever! serves healthy sub sandwiches,and is a great place to eat
AJ:Hey let's go to Subway and get something to eat
Ryan:good idea, i love Subway
by me777 January 29, 2006
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Sickass food chain that hangovers rely on. Most have free refils, hence kids sitting in there for hours sipping coke and eating cookies. FTW!

Subway. Eat fresh.
by crosswords November 02, 2008
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Tony: hey what you doin after school
Jon: Goin over to subway, new deal just came out
Tony: are you sure she's subway
Jon:yea im pretty sure she's kosher
by Ex1022 March 24, 2011
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an insult to manhood. MALE employees are forced to make sandwiches for FEMALE customers for fucking minimum wage. whats more, the female gets to tell the man how she wants the damn sandwich. WHAT THE FUCK!
bitch, i aint workin at subway. a man is supposed to be the one tellin his hoes to make his sammiches.
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the most evil corporation behind disney and walmart. whose chain store sell cheaply made food which is made my employees who have died long ago inside and are just shells of people they once were.Customers who come to the stores may think that they are stupid but the sandwhich artist are just a zombie now. what with bad pay and no breaks.
Hey do you like your job. No i work at subway.
by fapper20 May 03, 2009
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A lousy train that stops suddenly and get crowded more than a sardine can.
by Jack May 28, 2003
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