(verb) The past tense of the verb to subway. It refers to an action taken in New York City when you take the MTA Subway. It is most commonly used if the person took the subway as an alternative to walking.
Guy 1: Sorry I'm Late
Guy 2: Why are you late?
Guy 1: I walked to Union Square but it was cold so I subwayed the rest of the way.
by ManhattanStreets January 30, 2011
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An English indie rock band. They originated in Hertfordshire, England. There are three people in the band:

Billy Lunn- Guitar and vocals.
Charlotte Cooper- Vocals and bass.
Josh Morgan- Drums.

Charlotte and Billy are engaged and have been engaged for a few years. They released ten EPs, one being a collection of live songs, before they released a full length album, Young For Eternity.

They are a notable band because they recorded in their own home and not in a studio and toured the London circuit extensively, becoming popular before a full length album was even released. Thanks to the holy land that is the Internet, they gained popularity quickly.
Person #1: Hey, did you listen to that new song by The Subways?
Person #2: Yeah. It's dope.
Person #1: And the video for 'Oh Yeah'?
Person #2: I'd tap Charlotte for sure.
Person #1: Dude. She's got a fiancee.
Person #2: ... dang.
by Eli Grace June 24, 2007
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1. A train that is used for urban transit
2. A restaurant that serves filling and fresh food, my personal favorite, but jerry didnt lose his weight there
subway resturants will not make you lose weight unless you have one of those "under 6 grams of fat" 6 inch subs without subsause or mayo. TRUE: if you have a 12 inch sub, doesnt matter what sub it is if you add subsause and mayo to it, the sauses alone will be 440 calories... the other ones are relatively heathy though
by o.0 ? December 11, 2005
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A place where you can urinate and where homeless people can sleep and have sex.
by sukebe December 01, 2006
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This underground train type thing that goes about 10 blocks each stop. People molesting you is a common "accident" on the subway.

Also Known As (AKA) the thing that makes people want to kill someone.
Everyone on the subway annoys the shit out of me. Some people just don't know how to move, stop starring, or keep their hands/smells/stupid comments to themselves!
by bad ass motha fucka July 28, 2005
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the best restaurant ever! serves healthy sub sandwiches,and is a great place to eat
AJ:Hey let's go to Subway and get something to eat
Ryan:good idea, i love Subway
by me777 January 29, 2006
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Sickass food chain that hangovers rely on. Most have free refils, hence kids sitting in there for hours sipping coke and eating cookies. FTW!

Subway. Eat fresh.
by crosswords November 02, 2008
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