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Person born in Romania (Eastern Europe).

A few characteristics of Romanians:
- welcoming: when they invite you to their home, they expect you to come (usually, bring a small gift, especially if you visit for the first time); when they ask you if you would like something to drink, or eat, pick something, they'll bring you something anyway; if you refuse, they will feel offended)
- sociable: they make friends very fast and would start a conversation from scratch
- fun to be around: the romanian humor is contagious; plus, they know a million ways to have fun
- feminine (women): even those who don't have taste in fashion, are still wearing clothes that look feminine
- passive: not very good at taking a stand; when problems appear, the first thing they want to do is to peacefully negotiate
- beautiful: the average woman is an 8, on a scale from 1 (Quasimodo) to 10 (Victoria's Secret models)
- the average man is 6.5 - 7, on the same scale ( in large cities, that are more developed, the grade ups a bit)
- naive: most romanians are not suspicious by nature
- not punctual: they have a saying about the time you should wait for a person: "the Academic quarter", which means that educated people wait for others not less, but not more than 15 minutes
- heavy coffee drinkers: no morning without coffee, whether it's espresso, latte, or any other type
- hard workers, heavy slackers: let's just say they know when to take their breaks
- show-offs: they tend to proud on the latest gadgets, expensive cars, exclusive watches or whatever "precious" that they have
- rude retail service: when you buy something, if the change is less that 1 RON, don't expect it anymore (unless you're shopping in a franchise shop, where they have other standards)
- tip-oriented: it is considered very rude to not leave a tip in restaurants, coffee shops, salons, taxis. the minimum tip is 10 percent of the service provided, but if the overall payment is small, then leave a bigger tip. (restaurants: for 50 RON, tip should be 10 RON; coffee shop: for 13 RON, tip should be at least 2 RON; salons: tip should be 30%; taxi: tip should be 15 - 20%)
- lazy: they don't do something unless they have to
by Cat OP June 14, 2013
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Eastern Europeans who speak a Latin-based Romance language similar to Italian. The Romanians descend primarily from a mixture of indigenous Dacians, Roman soldiers and colonists who conquered the Dacians and intermarried/assimilated them, and to a certain extent from Goths, Huns, Slavs, Cumans, and others who traversed the territory that became Romania in the centuries after Roman rule.

As Romanians were isolated from the other Latin peoples of Western Europe, they absorbed various cultural influences from Slavs, Greeks, Turks, and other neighboring peoples (i.e. Orthodox Christianity), however they are very conscious of their Latin heritage which distinguishes them from their neighbors. This ethnic consciousness manifests itself, as one might expect, in the name "Romania," reflecting this Roman heritage.
1st guy: "I think I'll be Dracula for Halloween."

2nd guy: "You know Dracula is loosely based on a real Romanian hero named Vlad Dracula right? He's basically a national hero for Romanians as he helped drive out the Ottoman Turks."
by American pieguy October 19, 2009
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A person coming from Romania (a beautiful (but poor) country in Eastern Europe). Romanians are Orthodox. Are beautiful people (mostly the women). Love soccer (who doesn't???). Romanians are very smart people--education is a top priority. Beautiful music (unless you dont like it). Romanians eat bread with everything, and when eating, must NOT leave food on the plate (LOL). The language is a very nice language, pretty easy to learn, and very similar to Spanish (as it is a Latin-based language).

Romanians - - - We are awesome!!
Sample Romanian words/phrases: (w/ English transliteration)

Ce faci? - che fach - How are you

Bine - Beeneh - Good.

Buna ziua- boonuh zeewah- Good day/Hello

=) Curva - coorrvuh - B...h

(Tu) esti frumoasa - (too) yesht frroomwasuh - You are pretty/beautiful

**when you see a 'rr' that means the r must be rolled. =)
by >Beautiful_is_Queen*B< April 30, 2009
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people from romania! Stop associating romanians with gypsy's they are not!
they are actually really educated people, that know how to tear up the club, & they know how to dress!

I'm not romanian, i am hungarian, but i love romania, its full of amazing buildings and alot or clubs!, oh and in most places you don't need an id to get in and get drunk =
That hot guy with the spikey hair & tight shirt & cute smile and sexy body must be romanian, he's the shyiit!
by kinga June 18, 2008
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European folks, they speak a language pretty close to Latin.

Their women are to die for.
This Romanian girl I knew, Oana... man she had short short hair, big eyes, and a badass last name but... she was gay. That sucked.
by ::analogue:: September 08, 2004
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1.A person of Romanian descent.
Often has bad connotations in Europe because of a few bad apples who love thieving, destroying public property or at the very least begging.
However, this is no more true of all Romanians than being fat and stupid is true of all Americans. Many ignorant spiteful people will have you think that Romanians are all crooks and charlatans. This is obviously false; most of them are just playing the cards they've been dealt by many many years of unjust tyrannical regimes, and are actually, despite the somewhat grim financial situation of their country, jolly, welcoming folks. They enjoy a drink (or two) and many of the world's finest wines come from Romania.

2.The Romanian language. Romanians speak a Romance language (derived from Latin), the only one still surviving in Eastern Europe today. It is very similar to Italian, though they are not mutually intelligible. Because of its isolation from other Romance speaking countries, Romanian retains many grammatical features of Latin, that have been lost to other Romance languages, such as declension and the neuter gender.
1. Insulin was discovered by Nicolae Paulescu, a Romanian scientist.
2. "Sault, ce mai faci?" means "Hello, how are you?" in Romanian.
by MikeSolo November 08, 2006
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A country that has many beautiful castles, also host nation of Draculas castle, or as known in Romania; "Bran Castle".

Great music, especially big in manele (usually assosciated with gypsys, but not always) and dance. A few famous dance artists from Romania include Inna, Akcent, Edward Maya, and DJ project. They are also known for the miya hee song (original artist and track name; O Zone - Dragostea Din Tei). T.I. did a song called Live your life, which uses a slightly edited version of the chorus from Dragostea Din Tei. Part of the movie Borat was actually shot in Romania, even though it is advertised throughout the movie as being Kazakhstan. Youtube Manele if you would like to know what that style of music is like (it is not only Romanian).

Currently not doing to well economically, average salary is about $400 U.S. a month. Very mafia oriented, but mostly behind the scenes and not made public or internationally known. Currently has a horrible soccer team, but were once proud and well known, mainly because of the man George Hagi (Gheorghe Hagi).

Romania has 35% of Europes Mineral Water Springs. Great healers for anyone who is into curing illnesses naturally. If you want to get away and feel great, Romania's mineral water spa resorts are amazing.

The food, can't really describe it. You just have to try it. Sarmale is a big deal. It is basically stuffed cabbage, but way more delicious than it sounds. Romania also has amazing pastries, wines, beers, and females.
Every country has its good and bad people, and good and bad features. Romania has a bit of both, as all countries do.

Man that was some good ol cake... probably Romanian.
by GOgoROMANIA January 26, 2011
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