Hot young women between the ages of 16 and 20 something.
Guy 1: God damn, look at all these hot girls.
Guy 2: Haha! You sure do love the tighties, you never change man.
by LondonOntGuy May 1, 2007
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A description of a girl whose vagina is unusually tight. Often this is a sign of a girl who is a virgin or hasn't had extensive sexual encounters or a man with a large girth penetrate her.
Becky is a real tightie for a senior, but as valedictorian, I guess she hasn't had much timme for sex during high school.
by BRD May 5, 2005
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A young girl, usually between the ages of 12 to 15. She enjoys getting smashed off of three coolers and making a complete fool of herself.
A "tightie" is exactly the same as an "lg" but better. It is not a compliment when you are called a tightie. It is meant to be offensive..
These common creatures thrive off older men. They love the dick
"Man did you see that Tightie laying on the floor over there? she had like 2 coolers and shes fucking smashed."

"Did you hear Kendal smashed her chin slipping on ice chasing Jeremy? Dude..she's a tightie"

"Did you hear James got seduced by some tightie, poor guy. i cant believe he fell into her trap!!"

"i wanna get laid...LETS GO TIGHTIE HUNTING!"
by LGHUNTERS January 31, 2009
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a slang term for a girl who is extremly under age.
used by 20+ year olds to define 14-17 year old girl.
"oh, check out those tightys man"
"wassup tighty how you doin."
by andara one January 15, 2006
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Super soft and comfortable white briefs commonly worn by boys and men if they love them so much.

If you’re going to high school, don’t wear them and if you do, don’t get caught wearing them. You can and will get more than you bargained for. If you get caught wearing them, the following can happen:
-Wedgies (regular, extremely painful massive, hanging and atomic)
-Being pantsed (sometimes in front of your crush and her friends)
-Having your clothes taken and being forced to run around the school in your tighty whities while everyone records you on their phones so they can put it on their Snapchat story.

So wear boxers while going to high school or wear tighty whities if you’re okay with that the following list^^^
Tighty-whities are very soft and comfortable white briefs I used to enjoy wearing.

I wore tighty whities every day until I was in high school. While changing in gym, the cool boxer wearing guys saw my tighty whities and immediately ran over to me and gave me the worst Wedgie imaginable followed by a swirly.

Later on while going to tell my crush who was out of my league how I feel, the same guys pull down my pants, revealing my tighty whities and she was staring at my tighty whities while I was also having a boner.

After that, my shirt was removed and taken along with my pants and the guys forced me to run around the entire school in my tighty whities while everyone laughed as they watched and filmed me on their phones. I looked on Snapchat later and saw many put it on their story.
by CwissyHolotoe October 31, 2019
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Only the coolest underwear ever! Also the worst underwear for boys to be wedgied in
by Tommy person February 12, 2009
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