v. diet that consists in dropping an enormous amount of ass matter from one's 2 hole; vastly more effective dieting strategy than any proposed by the money hungry Jenny Craig or fitness guru Jane Fonda.
Dan: Where you goin', man?
Don: To lose some weight.
by Dr. Metal August 11, 2003
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(verb) to take shits; to lose weight via shitting out the asshole.
I'm gonna go lose some weight. We'll talk after.

Coffee helps me to lose weight in the morning.

Honey, I know how it can work. You can piss between my legs while I move some weight into the bowl.
That way we can be more eco-friendly and conserve flush-water.
by elegantmaskwithafeather August 22, 2008
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Simply put, these are weight-loss methods that will work for anyone. They are simple, inexpensive, and don't require medicines or bulky, complicated machinery.

1. EAT IN MODERATION- This means don't go out and eat 6 Big Macs, 2 family sized pizzas, 4 extra-large bags of fries when a small bag of fries with a normal-szed burger will do.

2. EXERCISE MORE OFTEN- If you're a kid, participate in your PE class (No, sitting on the bleachers and discussing whether Ja-Rule is gay or not doesn't count!) frequently. If you're an adult, jog around the block or join an exercise class.

3. TRY A GREATER VARIETY OF FOODS- Don't just eat junk food and chips; try someting spicy or savory once in a while. Try to integrate more of the food groups into your daily diet as well.

4. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY- When you feel full, stop eating. It's as simple as that. Just save what you can for next time.

5. DON'T BELIEVE THE (LOW-FAT) HYPE!- Low- fat doesn't neccesarily mean 'low-fat'; it caould be loaded with dyes and added sweeteners.

6. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THOSE FAD DIETS- The only thing that will slim down is your wallet.
none needed
by Shawn B. December 10, 2003
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It’s time for you to lose weight fat ass! Get on the treadmill and run muthafucka RUN!
by Jaycake September 24, 2019
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To lose weight there are various ways

1.cut down on sugar as you don't need to have so much sugar in your diet
2.vaping because if you vape and are overweight or want to start vaping then great idea because you will have the flavour in your mouth and it will feel like you have just eaten so you will not feel like eating snacks all the time
3.if you are overweight because of lack of exersize then you could start going to the gym or go for a walk(run or jog) on a daily bases
4.in most cases people are overweight to be presise 68% of people in the U.K. And USA are overweight because of lack of will power
I really wonder how I could lose weight?
Think of ways how to lose weight
by Alex possum January 24, 2017
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1. Have an enormous dump
2. Generic insult to anyone overweight
1. "Right I've had my morning coffee and cigarette - I'm off to lose some weight"

a: I'm big-boned and it's a gland problem
b: Fuck off and lose some weight
by Iain1977 February 29, 2008
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Slogan people use to get overweight people to their website.
THE IMPOSSIBLE THAT FAT PEOPLE THINKHow to lose weight in 7 days without exercise or diet! IS POSSIBLE WHILE WE TRY TO GAIN WEIGHT
by Randompersononedayyoullmeet October 27, 2020
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