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ODHGABFE- supposedly stands for Officer Dick Head Gets A Black Fucking Eye
by Jared July 29, 2006
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a book which if you like you are not "uncool" , but you are simply on a higher level than the cavemen who claim that people who read the said book attain more "pussy"
by Jared June 16, 2003
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If your too drunk to say eleven and you want to say twelve there's swelve.
"I drank swelve bottle's of wiskey"
by Jared December 6, 2002
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Jared luvs ya Loren:):)
by Jared December 14, 2004
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1. To incessantly draw vulgar and inappropriate pictures all over someone's belongings. A display of perpetual immaturity and disrespect.
2. To pester and anger people to the point of being bitch slapped and or tea bagged.
Goddamnit Stu, you're such an asshole, stop stuerizing me.
by Jared January 9, 2004
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greatest state ever

home to the world champion patriots AND RED SOX!!!

Red Sox are awesome we never lost the faith yankees suck

and thats why massachusetts is awesome
massachusetts is awesome because we have TWO champion teams
by Jared November 13, 2004
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