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most people on yahoo chat.
people in yahoo chat always think they know everything, when really theyre just lame nerds with no lives.
by jared August 23, 2003

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greatest state ever

home to the world champion patriots AND RED SOX!!!

Red Sox are awesome we never lost the faith yankees suck

and thats why massachusetts is awesome
massachusetts is awesome because we have TWO champion teams
by Jared November 12, 2004

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Ebaumsworld is the internet whore, everybody has gotten on it and after a while u get sick of it.
Albinoblacksheep is another hoe who makes less money.
by Jared March 25, 2005

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1.a pimp
2.some one who is good at sports
1.Im a balla fo real
2.Iverson is a Balla
by Jared February 28, 2004

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A bicycle lacking a freewheel mechanism in the rear hub. That is the crank set and rear wheel are completely dependent of one another. To propel forward or backwards the pedals must be moving.
Aaron lets go lay down some skids; I just tuned up my new fixie.
by Jared September 02, 2004

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an book that a ladies man keeps of all his ladies' phonenumber,address and stuff
my black book is so much bigger than urs man
by jared December 04, 2004

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spanish for 'im sorry' but literally translates as 'i feel it'
oh my! lo siento! awww
by jared December 30, 2004

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