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A MMORPG (massive multiple online role playing game) that is a game that people who dont play shouldnt have to say anything about because it is stupid for them to comment on it because it doesnt affect them in the least.
It is a simple game, we entertain ourselves that way no need to stress yourself over it. Continue on with your life and we will move on with ours. =)
by Jared March 21, 2004
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A state where a person, object, or entity is even cooler than communicated by the use of smetanka; an extreme state of smetanka; something both tasty and smetanka
Liz, she's smetanka, but Stephanie, now SHE is smetankalicious!
by Jared June 28, 2004
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confused with communism, which doesn't work, this however can work very well with a mix of capitalism and democracy, it is a more equal economic system where the poor can become rich, whenever this comes up in a conversation someone eventually says it didn't work in russia
I think socialism is a..
Didn't work in russia
No, thats communism, this is differ...
Didn't work in cuba
Your not listening to me, Im talking about something completely different!
by Jared October 19, 2003
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like sexy only more
"At first I was like damn! That's one sexy bitch! But I realized I wrong. She was infact sexah."
by Jared December 5, 2002
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a lame word used for parties, or more common, tests by lame math teachers who get frisky from math
Alright children, get ready for your shebang of education.
by Jared October 18, 2003
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