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A great competitor to Florida Man, except it's older and wiser, usually from the United States
Local Man dive bombs skull into McDonalds sign, survives and punches chicken nuggets
"what the hell"
by notarealperson111 January 12, 2021
Fat old teleporting man which breaks into houses via the chimney (who knows how in apartments), steals cookies and milk and leaves behind boxes wrapped in paper
"Who's Santa Claus?"
"Oh, he breaks into houses on Christmas and leaves behind presents"
by notarealperson111 December 7, 2020
His name is Cleveland Brown, he is proud to be back in his hometown with his new family. He meets old friends and new friends and even a bear, with good times and bad times and he shares true love. He's found a place where everyone will know his happy mustached face in the Cleveland Show.
"My name is Cleveland Brown, and I am proud to be, back right in my hometown, with my new family. There's old friends and new friends and even a bear. Through good times and bad times, and true love we share. And so I've found a place, where everyone will know, my happy mustached face, This is the Cleveland Show!" *weird chuckle*
by notarealperson111 January 20, 2021
A major global conflict resulting in the deaths of roughly 12,000,000,000 civilians and soldiers, mainly focused in the United States as well as many other English speaking countries. It broke out near early December of 12020, it also resulted in the near collapse of the United States, and was short lived as it suddenly stopped on December 25th.
"Woah, do you remember World War 84?"
by notarealperson111 December 21, 2020
Wi are tu lo, sum ting is wong-
*bang ding ow*
by notarealperson111 January 26, 2021