1) another word for masturbate or jerking off.

2) can also be asked for how long someone has been masturbating.
guy 1: hey, did you do streaks last night?
guy 2: hell yea! i was watching on the hub!


guy 1: how long have you been doing streaks?
guy 2: about 2 weeks already. my left nut hurts already
by chonkee September 30, 2020
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Someone sending another person a variant amount of random pictures secretly showing their absolute love to you.
The best way to open up to her is to begin a streak with them.
by Hope brena August 18, 2019
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The basis of young people’s culture
-β€œDude, you lost our streaks!!!”
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by Ras Barry April 14, 2019
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It’s just a poor excuse people use to stay in contact by sending pictures of their wall or some shit or someone who is forced to take a picture of a zoomed in low resolution picture of the floor to keep a streak number up
Anon #1 on Snapchat: Goodnight Streaks?
Anon #2 on Snapchat: Oof!
by b33tl3_juic3 June 13, 2018
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a very angry hairy pussy that never stops meowing and telling you when its time to go to bed.
cat: meeooowww mrrooww
girl: god your being such a streak, i am not tired!!!
by camillionaire1993 September 14, 2011
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Things many people send on Snapchat to keep talking to people without talking to the person.
Cant forget to send streaks today
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by Little_Wolf October 14, 2019
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