the thing that peepee comes out of
my doctor circumsized my weewee!
by Anonymous April 7, 2003
Adrian: "Take my big weewee!"
Angela proceeds to actually explode from horniness
by Suckika January 28, 2019
A penis that is under 4 inches in length when hard. Anything over 4 inches can be refered to as dick, cock, ect.
"Hahahaha, she said that max had a weewee"

"I need a cock pump for my weewee"
by j-john July 27, 2006
1. to pee
2. a small penis
1. i have to go weewee
2. my baby has a weewee
by lololowtfhihahavvv December 14, 2004
owww!! he hit my weewee
by luchy December 3, 2005
Pronounciation of "Yes, yes." in french.
Usually spelt "Oui, oui."
"I em French! You see? Weewee, lissen to my outwrageous fronch acceent!"
(see monty python & the holy grail)
by anon. August 24, 2004