For people who have Snapchat but don't have lives.
If you send a picture to someone everyday and they do the same, you'll get a streak. And as long as you keep taking some picture a day and send it to them and they keep doing the same, the days will keep going up... but if one of you doesn't send one within 24 hours of your last picture sent... you lose the streak.

Like I said... for people who don't have lives and probably the reason why Snapchat's still somewhat relevant.
Jenny: Chad why you make us lose our streak?
Jake: I don't know maybe because I have a life and don't got time to take a picture of the floor every 24 hours. I lost all of my streaks.
by yayoshorti56 October 02, 2018
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1.) the act of removing ones clothes, and running about in the buff, usually near a group of people, but only be seen momentarily, makes people go "wtf?"

2.) What ur shat does when it's too chunky to flush down the toilet.
1.) Hey everybody we're goin streaking!! Come on soup-a-loup bring your green hat!!!

2.) Yeah I took this mondo lincon-log poo earlier today, it left streaks.
by Karu October 03, 2004
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something on snapchat that is a major waste of time, like no one gives a shit about people sending selfies with the fucking dog face fitter to you everyday. so fuck snapchat and this
"my 13 year old sister says streaks are fun, but to me they're a WASTE of time"

"why are streaks even a thing"
"i think streaks as well as constant news updates about cringy youtubers such as jake paul are the main reasons of why i deleted my snapchat account"
by feckxlyfe November 14, 2018
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Solified paint marker. Permanent and writes on most surfaces. Taggers commonly use them. Looks like chalk when dried.
by C'WARE from G.Y.C October 11, 2003
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Person who bets on something and when loses ends up running around a house naked
Dude, you just pulled a Streaks! Mad girls are now gonna see you small weewee
by alev February 15, 2007
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Short for mean streak, solid paint stick that looks like chalk and is used on dark surfaces.
by VAKI5 August 17, 2003
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Some guy, often a male, who is butt-naked and is barely caught running through various places.
"Oh yes they call him the streak!"
by Dave January 15, 2004
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