a misspelling of "that" that no one bothers to correct. Commonly occurrs in instant messaging conversations
i never saw taht show i should watch it sometime...
by John February 3, 2004
Used by Bostonians, known to the rest of America as "tart"
A fruit-filled pastry.
"Fitzy ate my strawberry taht, bro. That's wicked fuckin gay"!

A: "Any of those tahts left"?
B: "No, but they were wicked good"!
A: "That's wicked retahded"!
by happy bostonians September 19, 2006
When you’re typing an essay really fast, and you type the word “that” wrong because you type super fast.
“And taht is the reason why Napoleon Dynamite was the best movie ever.”
by InventorOfSwiglet March 28, 2019
Means ‘that’ but Jonny can’t fucking spell
I know taht I can’t fucking spell
by Agold123 June 17, 2020
The average typo of that, mostly occurs when one types too damn fast. Stop trying to type fast just to make your discord friends praise you.

Melissa: "tahts" I- BAHA
by That_One_Melissa July 3, 2021
A dyslexic person who doesn’t know how to read
Person 1: Here, Have a book. Read it!
A Tahts: I can’t. I’m a tahts
by Nekromancers January 6, 2019