The act of baring one's anus to a party as a sign of defiance.
starer---> one who studies stars

venuser----> one who studies venus

mooner---> one who jumps out of alleys to young women, bent over, showing them his bare derrier sayin "How's this for a black hole?"
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 28, 2004
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The recreational act of baring one's ass in public with the intention of it being seen by people who don't want, or expect, to see it.
We drove to the Presidio to go mooning in front of the Officer's Club. A car full of majors and colonels followed us all the way back to Oakland. Guess they wanted to see some more moons.
by Cap'n Bullmoose May 13, 2005
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an activity enjoyed by a certain Vikings football player...
Cheeshead: Idiot, did you see him...that guy's mooning us...what did we ever do to him!
by World Domination February 2, 2005
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mooning (= going to the moon).
When an asset (for example stock) is highly increasing in value in a relatively short time period / an asset has an explosive increase in value
Tesla is mooning again
Bitcoin is going is mooning / going to the moon
by CryptoRetard January 3, 2021
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The act of spending time obsessing over something or someone. Like a crazy person, covering their walls with pictures of this other person, or constantly going on about him/it/her, so much so that the slightest reference to this object person drives everybody else crazy.
Dan: "Where is Jim?"
Mike: "Mooning over his ferrari collection."
Dane: "Again?!"
Mike : *nods sadly*
by Mytola August 6, 2006
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mooning is when guys drive around in a car with their boy-buns showing out the window.
A bunch of us cadets are going to drive around campus mooning and showing our boners for Halloween!
by eda-skip October 20, 2021
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thinking of someone you are in love with
"are you still mooning over your man?"
by p12etty October 21, 2007
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