A name you call your mate who openly enjoys taking a dump in a toilet, leaving streak marks around the bowl, and is against using the toilet brush to clean it up.
"Seriously, Streaks, you have to start brushing afterwards"

"There's no toilet brush in here, Streaks would have a field day"
by WDaddy October 13, 2011
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when you continuously send nudes to someone every day on Snapchat you earn "streaks" You have to send a nude every day or else you will break the streak or chain.
Alex: don't forget to send me streaks today ;)
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Something that the "popular kids" do but in reality it's just exchanging pictures or random shit with a poorly drawn s done with a finger every morning and evening.
by BruhSlav January 16, 2019
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that thing on snapchat where you send an "s" or "streaks" with someone for no reason.
Person 1: I have 54 streaks with David
Person 2: ....I have 2 with him....
by Unknown Name Definer November 05, 2019
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something you need to stop sending to a lot of people and not answering them so you can have more snaps and leave everybody on delivered😭.
“Omg why do you have so many snaps.” “Oh I just send a lot of streaks and not opening them.”
by phatpu$$y38 July 26, 2020
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stupid feature snapchat has that is only a waste of time and the only thing your crush will send to you ever
Dude sarah just sent me something!

You idiot that’s just a streaks she sends that to 500 people
by aitor_the_titisucker August 09, 2020
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1) another word for masturbate or jerking off.

2) can also be asked for how long someone has been masturbating.
guy 1: hey, did you do streaks last night?
guy 2: hell yea! i was watching on the hub!


guy 1: how long have you been doing streaks?
guy 2: about 2 weeks already. my left nut hurts already
by chonkee September 30, 2020
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