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A catholic redemption story about a bullied, weak and fragile boy with a weird mother; who grew up, buffed up (steroids), and made shit films that were excessively violent to vent the fustrations of his heavy past.
Angry boy: "I'm so mad I could just do a Stallone.
by Tels Mibsons December 31, 2010
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to sport a boner, fly the sail at full mass, rock hard, etc.
"I had a lot of cartoon characters that used to get me sexually aroused as a kid... The female reindeer from the Rudolph claymation series, when I was in preschool, I used to be bricked up watching that shit." -Jack Harlow
by real_philly February 11, 2020
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Derived from the Stallone movie "Cliffhanger", having boogie hanging from the nasal passages. Can also refer to poop that refuses to release itself from the anus.

I had some nasty Stallone's hanging from my ass, so I wiped it on the bathroom wall.
by Cliffhanger March 02, 2007
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Women's open toed shoes that are wrongly sized, causing the toes to hang over the front of the shoes (like Stallone in Cliffhanger).
Guy: "Damn girl, where you get those Stallones from?"
Girl: "Stallones? These are stilettos."
Guy: "Nah, those are Stallones."
by jabeans February 08, 2011
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1. Women or Men who have exceptionally thick and stubby fingers, much like Sylvester Stallone.

2. Sausage Fingers
I can't use this small ass QWERTY keyboard with these damn Stallones.
by Beibasaurus-Rex November 14, 2010
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1) Popular movie star, who became famous with rambo.
2) (to pull a) To sneak up on an unsuspecting victim and cocklash them vigorously, causing surprise.
"Burt was so drunk, it was easy to pull a Stallone on him"
by DRAGON FORCE January 18, 2006
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The act of a woman shitting on a glass table while their parner lays underneath them and punches the clown to this beautiful sight
by clownpunch October 08, 2006
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