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To masturbate furiously. So hard, in fact, that it makes a wet "fap" noise repeatedly. the double "p" in this word is because it is the abbreviated version of "Fapping".
John: eww! what are you doing!!?
Jake: (fapfapfapfapfap) hey man! everybody fapps!
John: let go of my cat!
by DRAGON FORCE January 17, 2006

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The ear-piercing warble of Dan Forden from Mortal Kombat, haunting your nightmares, as once again, your friend beats you senseless and shouts along with aforesaid Forden, so you get a deathly harmony of "Toasty!" whilst you silently cry onto your SNES controller. nobody knows why he says "toasty", but it has haunted a generation.
Dan Forden:"Toasty!"
You:"no, why? oh the horror! wah! wah!"
by DRAGON FORCE January 17, 2006

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The word said by vulgar men when they stub their toe.
"Hey danny, where's the Dirtyslutbitchwhorescumbagasswipetwat!"
by DRAGON FORCE January 18, 2006

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A mis-spelling or mistake, esp. When using a keyboard.
Happens a damn sight more often if you have really fat fingers.
Danny_0198: "Hlep me! my huose is o nfire!"
Elitist_cracker_1: "Fuck you, n00b, write properly. i don't consort with idiots who make typos."
Elitist_cracker_1 has signed off.
by DRAGON FORCE January 20, 2006

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1)Cut wood for building/burning.
2)a combination of street running and cruelty. Young chavs are awarded points for the amount of walking sticks they kick whilst running down the street.points are awarded on style and grace with which the elderly/disabled person falls. For maximum points(a slow arc, followed by a somersault), "Timber!" is called, hence the name.
"Come here billy, help me chop up some timber for the fire"

"Mate got any skag?"
"Nah I aint. Let's go down to Cash Converters and sell some shit. We can play Timber on the way."
by DRAGON FORCE January 18, 2006

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1) A pixie-like creature, seen in mythology.

2) A dog/human breed, seen in the suikoden series.

3) A way to tell your friends that a woman (wife,employer etc.) is a bitch or a dog, but not alert suspicion of said woman. derogatory term.
1) aaa, thy tiny kobold, thy have truly blessed my testicles with pixie-power. Although they have shrunk, now I can make love for 92 hours at a time!

2) aaa, you are a kobold I see?

3) guy #1:hiya kobold, whatsup? (sounds like an affectionate term.)
woman:hi, not a lot.
guy #2:(sniggers. HE knows it means bitch/dog)
by DRAGON FORCE January 19, 2006

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abbreviation of off at the mains, used when either
a) your computer crashes, or
b) your girlfriend/boss/children walk in on you and ask "what are you downloading?" but you can't get it to stop because you STILL haven't upgraded from windows 95 and your P.C is sickeningly slow, leaving you no choice.
Child/Boss/Girlfriend: "what are you doing?"
You: (clickclickclickclick) AARGH!!! FUCKING WINDOWS '95!
by DRAGON FORCE January 19, 2006

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