1) Opening in the nose that varies in size and shape from person to person. Used for sniffing, breathing and smelling.
How you finger gets into your nose.
by The king November 19, 2003
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"Fuuuuuuuuucccckk man, this shit is goooooooood"
by invictus February 19, 2004
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Noun-a greedy poker player that sometimes steals your lunch.

Adj-an object that grows under ice and your feet.

Verb-to grow in a field full of mice.
1. Hold onto your lunch folks that nostril is a quick one!

2. I've got nostrils growing all over the place! HELLLLLLLP!

3. Ucle Joe's mice just nostriled.
by tanner April 21, 2005
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when you fucking a bitch so hard that she starts ejaculating out her nostril, usually this happens to your average dyke or stinky slutty bitch who sucked the whole crew at ya high school
bro I was fucking this one chick then she had a nostril bro i thought she was a virgin!
by OG.SauceDick April 28, 2017
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v. To engage in the act of using one's nose as a phallus in the asshole of another person.
"My boyfriend has a really big nose and a really small dick, so often times instead of anal sex, he will nostrilate me."
by Pderf McTwait January 12, 2009
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A nostrile is a more epic nostril.

It's like what Chuck Norris has.
"Yo, I pity the fool!", said Mr. T, flaring his mighty nostriles
by charada April 29, 2010
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