an accumullation of human mucus, usually reffered to as one when it has been removed from the cavity of the nose
small child picks nose. removes a mass of green substance
by Urban Dictionary September 15, 2003
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Slang for diamonds, popularized by Migos
"Icy Patek, check, yeah, boogers, they sit on my neck (ice)" Migos - Stir Fry
by scholarandaballer May 20, 2018
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"ugh, there's a massive booger hanging out of your nose, please clean it!"
by Anya Ali January 15, 2003
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sick nasty stuff that comes out of your nostrils sometimes white but mostly green and sometimes shoots out of your nose and hits something otherwise known as a snott rocket and can be rather crusty
Dude, that's sick your nasty nose crust(booger) just hit me in the face!
by GertrudeApplegate January 18, 2009
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A film character popularized by the 80's movie series "NERDS". Most notably remembered for wearing shirts that said "Give me head 'till I'm dead" and occasionally saying, "What the fuck."
I'm going to dress like booger this year on Halloween.
by HempFuckinDiddy July 9, 2003
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Dried up mucus in the nose that nerds who had crushes on you liked to flick at you in elementry school
BOB! STOP FLICKIN boogies at me!!

EHH boogers are nasty
by Maybelline September 26, 2005
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a mass of solid mucus from the nose
If your gonna remove a booger from your nose with your bare hands, try to remeber to wash them afterwards.
by Light Joker February 27, 2006
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