Rocky is a person who is never afraid to tell you what's up. They're 100% real. They make the best friends because they're loyal no matter what, and they'll do anything for you. They have great personalities and are really smart but like to act dumb. They're really talented but hide it and they usually question their worth. But an all around great person. Also, great kisser. Just saying.
Hey, Dude, did you see Rocky today? I wish I had a friend like that!
by RxDecker April 27, 2015
an epic dog who is superior to any other being and will take over the world one day
He is a real Rocky!
by dannyboy420 December 1, 2019
An overall great series of underdog boxing movies.

The first one was fantastic.
Two - Four were mindless fun.
Five blew.
1: Hey, man. Wanna watch the Rocky box-set?
2: Alright, but only if we skip Five.
by KewDrew January 4, 2006
an amazing guy.
a rocky can be defined by 5 words;
funny, cute, unique, impressive, & huggable.
rocky's are people you can't help but love.
& who could turn down a rocky?
"man, did you see that rocky?! i'm sooo going home with him tonight!"
by Mr,T March 21, 2009
The most wonderful boyfriend a girl could ever ask for. He is super sweet and kind, he will do anything to make you happy. Hes great at kissing and has a great dick. Every girl wants to date him but he's always taken. Hes very loyal and can make you laugh. He will always cheer you up no matter what. Hes very active and just loves to hold you and cuddle. He always puts you before himself. Hes just a amazing guy. He is super sexy and knows exactly what to do in bed. Hes super strong. I love him so much.
girl 1- Have you seen his dick???
girl 2- no, i want to tho so bad, his girlfriend is so lucky
by Blondie01 May 7, 2016
When you ejaculate in a girls mouth followed by a swift right hook to the cheekbone therefore making her spit out a combo of blood and cum.
I Rocky’d this chick and she wont get up.
by Massive_benis April 6, 2019
A good looking guy who is very charming and sometimes gets his way with the girls. Very sweet guy or cares about their feelings and is always up to talking. He enjoys basketball and long hours of it. Once a girl gets to know him, they always want more. A great guy who always is willing to give, and not just recieve.
"Damnit Bobby, why cant you be Rocky?"
by Americos Mom February 15, 2003