The act of redeeming or the condition of having been redeemed.
Here's your last chance for redemtion. Make it worth it!

I'll do my best
by Whoopthereitis April 13, 2005
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Acception; welcoming; acception of a concept or idea.
he was relieved when he got the letter of redemption into Princeton.
by Melanie Falko September 1, 2009
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1. to reclaim what was taken 2. best served through a belt-fed weapon or the serrated edge of a unused hunting knife to one's esophagus 3. to cleanse another of their sins
The man gasped for breath through a puddle of mucus and blood as his redeemer sat on top of him grinning

The man screamed to his god as his redeemer cleansed him of his sins

The man begged for forgiveness as he felt his life seeping through his redeemers veins

The helpless victim finally found redemption through reclaiming the life of his tormentor
by Davis Leang February 2, 2011
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Deep down, with every inch of me, i pure hate you... but god damnit do I respect you.

today we spell redemption... R-O-N
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after losing a game of beer pong you before you have to drink all the rest of the beers you say redemption and you get one last chance to make the ball in a cup for them to drink and one less cup for you to drink
thats it bitch drink up . wait i call redemption give me the ball back so i get one more try
by heyimaidiot July 31, 2006
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redemption is an awesome song by the japanese star Gackt, that was used on final fantasy VII, The Dirge of Cerberus.
a: Wow you bought final fantasy VII?
b: Yeah but only for the soundtrack... ♥~Gackto... *hums redemption*~♥ ^-^
by elsmongoose January 13, 2008
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1.)n44b who thinks he's uber pro at anything, tends to get raped by chickens.

2.)cross dressing cigar smoker with a tendency for bald women, especially ones who have piles.

3.)all of the above.
1.)omg R3G!!1111oneelleventyone!1one

2.)Redemption:sup u hot biyotch.

by ;) February 15, 2005
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