Abbreviation of the car, Bentley Continental Flying Spur. Commonly used in rap songs.
"Know it's me when you see the Spur in ya area"

"They love the Bentley and the seats in the Spur"
by Matt845 February 5, 2009
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Oh i spured that nigga max for talking to much shit
by gotti March 20, 2005
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A shit football team who last won the league almost 50 years ago but whose fans still think they are better than The Arsenal, even though it takes roughly 9 years to beat them.
"Spurs really are a rubbish club"

Gary Lineker on Match Of The Day
by sooner_gooner August 17, 2009
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justifying the moment of your idiotic thinking. You basically ask yourself : 'Why the f*** did i just say/ask that?'
"i really don't know why i just said that. It was just spur"
'spur of the moment'
by merrrrrc April 26, 2013
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The San Antonio Spurs are the winners of the 2005, 2003 and 1999 NBA championships.

On June 23, 05 they kicked the Detroit Pistons ass in game 7.
"How about those Spurs?" "GO SPURS GO"
by Sergio Schaar June 24, 2005
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A shitty football team that cant win any league or cup.
Spurs is ass.
by Sussy nigga May 23, 2021
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Abbreviation of Tottenham Hotspurs

A team in North London full of cocky fans who say North London is white, when in fact it is ofc red, bc last time i checked to be classed as a good team you have to have, maybe some trophies? I dunno, seems strange to me.

Always a jammy team pulling through with only 1 goal to win against teams like Norwich etc.

Son is their only good player maybe Kane as well, who btw used to be an Arsenal player in their youth squad between 2001-2002, TRAITOR!
Arsenal Fan: Spurs ain’t getting top 4 this season

Spurs Fan: North London is white we are getting top 4
Nobody: …
Harry Kane: Come on you Shhhpurshhh
by UK DEFINER April 18, 2022
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