A term referred to putting in an equal amount of weed to the rest of the people in your smoking group. In other words, if Pip throws in a nug of kine bud, Dudeman has to match the same amount of weed that was put in.
Hey Pip, wanna match up with me after school bro?
by Dudeman December 9, 2003
To come with the same amount of weed as as the other or put equal amount of money in so you can smoke different weed
Person1- i got purp
Person 2 - i got og
Person 1- lets match
by KingInnaEarth February 2, 2021
When two or more smokers combine an equivalent amount of money or weed so that they can smoke more weed.
Hey bro I just grabbed, do you wanna match a gram?
by SmoothJayK February 18, 2019
A line of cocaine or cocaine in general.

"Just popping to the lavvy for a quick match, shall I leave one in there for ya?"
by Zero Hours Sleep September 14, 2006
A way of saying you are cool. Originated from an ancient langauge that doesn't exist anymore.
Wow, you're so Match!
by Match228 June 7, 2005
When two or more people are smoking marijuana, and they each require a blunt (marijuana cigarette) of their own. They pass their blunts to eachother and smoke.
Yo nugga match it bitch. It's fuckin 1am what the Fuck? Let's fuckin smoke already!
by maryjane candy cane December 28, 2011
Awsome punk band from oakland with matt on drums, justin on bass, jon on guitar and the incredibly hot shawn harris on vocals and guitar. Re-released their first album on Epitaph records back in 2004 and have been touring for what seems forever haha... CHECK EM OUT
Person1: Are you goin to the Chain Me Away Tour?

Person2: The Matches and Plain White T's... OF COURSE! Its gunna be awsome